Donations to 'The Robert McBain Memorial Fund' can be made via the Theatre or electronically to The Royal Bank of Scotland (Account Number: 10063343 Sort Code: 16-10-27)

Maggie writes: I was absolutely delighted when Bob's friends at the Orange Tree Theatre said that they would like to celebrate Bob's memory in some permanent way. The Orange Tree wanted something witty but useful. and it was decided that a mirror that could be used by audience and actors alike would be a fitting tribute. We commissioned the artist and craftsman David West because his work is lovingly detailed, full of allegory and fun, and very beautiful - Bob would have loved it. Around the mirror is a carved and painted wooden frame that depicts the arched porch of the Orange Tree, canopied by lush leaves and orange blossom. Over it all bends the beneficent Bob - dressed in the Victorian costume he wore on the poster for Have You Anything to Declare (his last appearance at the theatre). It was also the costume for his one-man show, The Secret Lives of Arthur J. Munby.

The Mirror was unveiled at the theatre on Friday 28th April 2006 and we would like to thank the many friends who came to remember Bob and pay tribute and also those who contributed to the memorial fund but were unable to attend the unveiling itself.

The Orange Tree have created a Robert McBain Memorial Fund and a bank account has
been set up to received donations towards the mirror and to support the Theatre.